• Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set w/ Fridge Case – 100% Natural Jade Stone Roller & Gua Sha – Video Tutorial & Ebook Included…

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    SELF-CARE – Jade represents the heart chakra and has been used for its beauty & healing properties by the Chinese for centuries. Use your Jade Roller massager to balance your chi, promote spirituality, and practice a routine of self-love.
    100% REAL JADE – Our roller and gua sha are hand-cut from authentic Xiuyan Jade (a variety of Nephrite Jade) mined in China. Jade is naturally cool to the touch, which envigorates the skin, boosting circulation to tighten skin and fight puffiness.
    REVITALIZE YOUR SKIN – Add facial rolling to your daily routine and see real anti aging benefits! Stimulated bloodflow results in increased collagen production, fighting wrinkles and leading to tightened and toned skin.