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  • Tree of Life Vitamin C Brightening Duo, Facial Toner for Minimizing Pores & Facial Cleanser for Gentle Deep Cleaning…

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    SOOTHING VITAMIN C FACIAL CLEANSER, this face wash is packed full of natural and organic ingredients such as Rose Hip Oil, Msm, Tea Tree Oil, and Orange Peel Tincture (not to mention many of our other incredible ingredients). Create a clean, nourishing and hydrating skin cleansing routine that helps your skin look and feel soft, vibrant and youthful. We know your skin will love our Vitamin C Face Cleanser
    OUR LUSCIOUS VITAMIN C FACIAL TONER gently refreshes your face and sooths your skin for visibly clearer results. Our delightful toner is packed full of highly natural and organic ingredients such as Organic Orange, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Organic White Willow, Organic Cranberry, and many other fantastic ingredients. We are certain you will love our Vitamin C Face Toner when preparing your skin for the rest of your skincare regimen
    A SYNERGISTIC BLEND of highly Natural and Organic ingredients is specifically designed for comfort and ease of use while offering impressive cleansing and toning properties. Our Vitamin C Cleanser complemented by our Vitamin C Toner is specially formulated for use with all skin types, and it helps skin feel refreshed the moment it is used