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  • MacroLife Naturals MacroCoco Greens Chocolate Superfood Powder for Kids Raw Fruits, Veggies, Probiotics, Digestive…

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    Macro Coco Greens is nature’s perfect plant based multi-vitamin and mineral blend. Kids love the chocolate taste – it’s a great way to ensure your children are getting the vital nutrition they really need! With an outrageously chocolaty taste kids will ask for everyday! Helps kids stay hydrated while on the move, studying or playing.
    Macro Coco Greens contains only 200mg of organic cane sugar is used per serving. 200mg = 0.04 teaspoon (less than 1/10th of a teaspoon) of sugar. Take into consideration that one serving of fresh organic blueberries contains about 14gm (14000mg) of fructose (sugar).
    Macro Coco Greens Berri Reds has 3+ servings of fruits and vegetables and contains essential vitamins A, C, D, E – plus calcium, magnesium, trace minerals and electrolytes.