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  • Crack Blaster Repair Balm, Multi-Purpose Dry Skin Balm, Intense Repair Treatment For Cracked Heels, Dry Cracked Hands…

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    THICK, LUXURIOUS LANOLIN-BASED FORMULA OFFERS FAST & EFFECTIVE CURE FOR YOUR CRACKED HEELS, CRACKED HANDS, FINGERS & ELBOWS – Crack Blaster skin balm is a fast-penetrating lanolin formula dry skin treatment. Our fast and effective treatment for cracked heels and hands can also be used to target other problem skin areas. Soften your heel cracks, corns, calluses, and rough skin fast!
    CRACK BUSTER INTENSE REPAIR FOOT BALM LEAVES YOUR DRY HEELS AND DRY HANDS FEELING SOFTER & SMOOTHER, START SEEING RESULTS AFTER ONLY A FEW DAYS TREATMENT – Our dry heel eliminator is also perfect for softening hands and cuticles, leaving you with baby-soft skin. A little goes a long way meaning one pot of our dry heel treatment will last a long time. Our rich thick lanolin balm is extremely easy to use and soaks deeply into skin in no time!
    SMALL, CONVENIENT & TRAVEL-FRIENDLY POT: OUR EASY TO USE CRACKED HEEL REPAIR CAN BE USED ANYTIME, ANYWHERE! Throw our heel treatment balm in your bag and be prepared for any situation when you are on the go and need to target a problem dry skin area. Convenient 3.5 oz jar is easy to slip into any handbag, backpack or cosmetic bag. Our glycerin-containing treatment for dry skin draws in and retains moisture, leading to healthy-feeling and hydrated heels, hands, elbows and fingers.