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    HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOUR HAIR WHEN IT’S WEAK? The hair is weakest when wet. About 60% weaker to be exact. Hair becomes waterlogged when sopping wet. The cuticle gets swollen with an overdose of water—more rapidly if the hair is color or chemically treated—causing hair to lose its strength. Getting hair to a damp state as quickly as possible without heat or friction helps minimize damage and breakage.
    PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN REMEDY – Instead of fixing hair damage, change your dry hair habits will make a big difference. By simply investing in a Simone&Jerry Turban and adding it to your hair washing routine, you’ll soon notice hair behaves better as it regains strength. Simone&Jerry Original Hair Turban dries hair up to 70% in only 15 minutes. Drying your hair naturally without an electric hair blower which prevents damage from occurring in the first place.
    LET ME SHOW YOU WHAT HAVE WE GOT FOR YOU: Simone&Jerry Original Hair Turbans are made of high-grade microfiber fabric material, extremely soft and high performance absorbent. Engineered to correctly dry hair from wet to damp 50% faster than cotton towels or the harmful heat of blow dryers, while drying evenly, gently and regaining hair’s strength.